Featured Patients

Featured Patients


What is your favorite activity?
I love to eat and sleep. Sunbathing is another one of my favorite activities as well.

What is the goofiest thing you like to do?
When I get really excited I run through the house at top speed and grunt and snort. I also love to scratch my bottom and back on stairs and walls. All these things make my owners laugh!

What is your favorite treat?
Cheerios for sure! My owner shakes a cup full of Cheerios and I will come running from any distance. We take these treats on our walks through the neighborhood. Sometimes I need a little coaxing to get going…and Cheerios are a great incentive.

What is your favorite food?
I basically like all veggies (except for carrots, onions and asparagus), but I LOVE potatoes. I am really good at sneaking a whole potato out of the family pantry. I usually get in trouble for this.

When are you happiest?
I am laying on the couch relaxing with my family and all covered up with a blanket.

Why do you love Woodington Veterinary?
Dr. Matt comes to my house to give me my shots and he is super nice. It took me a while to warm up to him, but I found out I get extra treats when he comes over, so I like it when I see him!


Favorite Activity? Playing with my sister Frannie is my most favorite. I am a certified therapy dog, so I love to visit nice people in nursing homes.

Goofiest thing I likes to do? When retrieving with my sister, I always let her get the stick, ball, toy, etc., then I run (or swim) in and ambush her and we carry the retrieve back in together.

Favorite treat? I love any treat as long as it's in my mouth! I am partial to bananas and carrots when my Mom is making morning smoothies.

Favorite food? Once again, any food that is in my mouth is my favorite! I even like things I'm not supposed to eat that I find in the yard!

I am happiest when? I am snuggled on the couch with my Mom and Dad and sister.

Why I (Charlie) love Woodington Veterinary? I love everyone at Woodington Vet. They have seen me at my worst and at my best. My sister and I liked going there so much when we were puppies, we went almost every week for something or another. Dr. Woodington, Dr. Witt, Jenny and Cindy are always extra nice to us and let us run around like we own the place.

Ally Prumers

Ally Prumers

Favorite Activity? Fetch. I love to play fetch. I will play fetch until I drop, literally.

Goofiest thing I likes to do? After playing or exercising I go straight for the water bucket. I like to dunk my entire snout into the bucket, repeatedly, while I am drinking water. By the time I am finished, I am wearing half the water, and the bucket is empty.

Favorite treat? I LOVE the Lean Treats that Mom gets at Woodington Vet! I get one every morning, Mom calls it my "special treat".
Favorite food? I love Pears. Sometimes, when I smell them starting to ripen on the counter, I will jump up onto the counter and steal one. Mom can always tell when I have scored a Pear by the "murder scene" left on the hardwood floor. And then she yells at me. But its worth it.

I am happiest when? Dad has a STRICT no dogs on the bed rule. Dad also hates scary movies. Sometimes, ok most times, when Mom goes upstairs to watch scary movies in bed, I jump up on the bed and cuddle with Mom. She let's me do it because she loves me so much.

Why I (Ally) love Woodington Veterinary? I LOVE to see my friends at Woodington Veterinary! Mom takes me to see them at least once a month. All the people are so nice to me and they all have treats in their hands! They even keep tennis balls in the lobby for me to play with!!! Dad and Mom really like them too. Sometimes, when something bad happens to me and Dad and Mom are BOTH freaking out, I hear one of them call Dr. Woodington's office. Someone must always answer because I hear a lot of "ok, will do" and "thank you so much!". It always makes me feel like Woodington Veterinary cares about me, they are always right there to help when I need it most. Thank you Woodington!